Expert’s speak on Limousine services

This is an excellent solution to better your parties regardless of the event. However there are a lot of limousine service firms that occasionally you only cannot make your mind up about one. Here are a few ideas you will need to remember when hiring Limo service to nyc. If you are seeing a limousine service business assess the make of the vehicle along with the year of the version…. Read Article →

Part 3 of 3: Interstitial Cystitis and the Pelvic Floor

Therapies for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Some use drugs together with physical therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants have been used. Injection of specific muscle trigger points with an anesthetic such as lidocaine with or without a steroid has been done. Low dose valium suppositories used directly in the vagina has been reported to help many people suffering from interstitial cystitis. In recent years researchers… Read Article →

Part 2 of 3: Interstitial Cystitis and the Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) An article published in Contemporary OB/GYN October 2012 by Dr Eric Swisher et al is titled Pelvic Floor Spasm: The missing link in chronic pelvic pain. In it they say that up to 3.8% of women experience pelvic pain. Some may have it as a primary problem, while others have it in response to an underlying pelvic disorder, such as endometriosis, irritable bowel disease, vuklvodynia (pain… Read Article →

Part 1 of 3: Interstitial Cystitis and the Pelvic Floor

Recent research indicates the between 4 and 12 million Americans may have interstitial cystitis (IC), a number much higher than prior estimates. 3 to 8 million women may have IC, while 1 to 4 million America men are affected. In fact the number for men is most likely much higher, because men are often mistakenly diagnosed with chronic prostatitis when they in fact have IC. When people have IC, they… Read Article →

Interstitial Cystitis In Men

The genitourinary (GU) system is one of the vital systems in the human body. Any disorder in the system can affect the physical, social and the psychological well being of the person. Interstitial cystitis is a condition that affects the genitourinary tract. It is characterized by a variety of symptoms, some of which include painful urination, frequent urination, pain with sexual activity, pelvic pain and pelvic aching and pressure. Traditionally interstitial cystitis has been… Read Article →

The Role Cranberries Play in Treating & Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (UTI), you understand how annoying and painful one can be. Unfortunately, this unwanted infiltration of bacteria into the bladder is a common infection in society. In hospitals, it’s the most frequent infection acquired and in it’s the second most common infection from wich people suffer. Urinary infections are costly too. Not just physically from the pain and discomfort they exacerbate but by the annual cost… Read Article →

New Intravesical Drug Delivery Device for Interstitial Cystitis Shows Promising Results

Sufferers of interstitial cystitis now have a new, more effective way to administer their medicine. It is known as intravesical drug delivery, or IDD. It has been proven to be a much more effective method in administering drugs because it has the ability to release the maximum amount of medicine to the affected site with minimal side effects. This is a step forward in drug delivery for interstitial cystitis patients because… Read Article →

What is “Overactive Bladder” Anyway?

The official definition of overactive bladder (OAB), as determined by the International Continence Society (ICS), is “urgency, with or without urgency incontinence, usually with frequency and nocturia.” So what does that mean? Well, it means urinating frequently, sometimes very frequently, more than eight times per day (frequency). It means urinating more than once at night (nocturia). It means getting sudden, strong desires to urinate (urgency). Does it mean leaking urine?… Read Article →