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What we provide for our students

We at the School of Natural Health Sciences are here to assist you study and receive a brand-new profession in Holistic Therapies.

With our large range of distance learning courses, you study at your very own pace from the convenience of your own home. There are no time at all restricts to our courses and you, the trainee, are in complete control of your own study schedule.

We feel this flexible approach enables our students to produce their finest work, devoid of the constraints of working to due dates. We have more than 60 different Natural Healthcare, home study courses to introduce you on your brand-new profession or help you to continue with your professional development.

7 Tips For Natural Bladder Control

Do you experience an over active bladder? Need to take frequent trips to the restroom? Have problem sleeping with the evening without having to get up to make use of the restroom? Do you ever have mishaps, or have trouble holding it? Attempt these six suggestions to...

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